Benches and border destruction.

The snow has gone and the day time temperature has reached the dizzying heights of 17degreesC! So we have done a bit of outdoor work. Removing the wire fence that divided our field, erecting a couple of benches and wallowing in the gloriious mud that is the “pool project”!

This little bench made of two uncut wood blocks and a bit of 2 by 8!
The view down the hill from the best vantage point of our estate.
Sanja wrapped in what looks suspiciously like another piece of my “vintage” (ie something I bought back in the day) punk rock vegan clothing, with Ena up to her usual over friendly tricks again
Bench legs, boots n legs and a bit of thigh!
Sanja takes a moment to herself. For those who don’t know and maybe wondering, Slime was a german punk band that I fell in love with long ago, hence their logo on my jacket. Sanja likes them too!
Sanja the pole destroyer in action. One border that she could not just ignore but actually eradicate with glee, if only we could do the same to nation state borders!
As post by post falls and the wire is would up in a ball the lower field joins the upper field to become “the field”.
Sanja turns the physical labour in to a sport, which is funny seeing as both concepts are totally foriegn to her!
Thats me thats is! That rugby top has been with me for about 20 years. I found it on a rail of new stripey rugby shirts in the old Hackney Wick flea market one Sunday. It cost about 2 quid and when I got home I realised I was an idiot for not having bought all the red and black ones they had. Sure enough the next weekend there were plenty other colour variations left but not one of our beloved revolutionary red and black!
Nope its not an impromtu Tai Chi break or practising defending myself from Sanja after I make another of my hilarious “jokes” at her expense. Nope there is in fact a wire fence buried in to the brambles that I am pulling out, use a bit of magnification you might be able to see it!
Sanja wields her rusty scythe with devastating effects of the brambles that used to line the field fence.
Sanja attempts “coy” whilst leaning on her as yet unused spade and our second bench that looks out over the lower bit of the field.
The second bench, stands next to a little oak tree and overlooks the very bottom of the field. out of sight fromthe house it will be a good spot to hide or read or both!
Sanja tried her best at moving the mud around at the “pool project”. The stream is still running fast and furious thanx to the snow.
“Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood” … the Barabrith hippo at work.