Snow fun

I think these are all self explanatory all though a couple may be a bit bewildering! The snow that gave us this exceitement all but disappeared when it started to come down again and now we are looking out at another picture postcard winter view but without the coca cola truck! At the end are three video links, you might need to click them or might think better of it.

A cautious practise run in the upper field.
Wierdly one of the two sledges I got down out of the wooden house attic just refused to work so we were down to one run at a time and sharing…!
The worst thing about sledging for Sanja is having to bring the sledge back up the hill and then give it to someone else to enjoy…..
The term “top heavy” comes to mind even on this gentlw practice slope.
yeah that “top heavy” factor kept kicking in and turning me over but not before I felt like a rocket man on snow!
She wouldn’t usually wave like that but it’s something I’m trying to develop as a theme.

Kiki a gogo

Now thats the way to do it! With grace, style and elegance and if not then at least with a big smile, one leg in the air and a yelp!

2up going down

This was a bit ambitious as far as covering a long distance was concerned but like much of our fun together it was an intense and noisy ride however quick.


Showing off only gets you in trouble in the end…. see! To be fair though it was actually reall warm out there the sun was blazing down and I guess reflecting back up off the snow too!

Does too much sun and snow make you crazy as well as blind? Or was this just the ultimate showing off to my poor Sanja who it seems to me feels cold 98% of the time whenever outdoors, either way there is surely no excuse.