Today was a Tuesday

It was wet and cool this morning and I was happy to stay in and sort out my new Etsy pageand other computer chores! But this afternoon the sun came out and yet it was still cool so I headed off with my scythe and machette to continue work on the lower field. After an hour or two hacking away at brambles and scything long rass and anthills I went back up the hill to fry a couple more parasol mushrooms fresh from the ground. Then for a brief five minutes there was a glorious sunset.

This is a new apple tree dug up from behind our barbecue where there are loads of little saplings coming up. This one replaces the one that was eaten by the neighbours sheep despite the fortress of twigs that Sanja and I built around it. The sheep have been banned from the field , the question now is will the deer come up this far?
The path to the red gate in to the woods that goes through the lower field has been widened so I can wield my scythe to keep it clear in future.
This is the path I am developing that crosses the wilder regions of the lower field. Lots of pesky ant and mole hills get in the way of my scythe!
I found a load of Parasol mushrooms whilst working in the lower field, picked them and ate them within the hour!
This evenings early sunset was a superb mix of golden light and dark clouds. This is a panorama shot so the lie of the land is not quite as it really is!
These two apple trees look like they belong to King Midas. The second larger one is still bearing and dropping lots of apples. (Unfortunately not solid gold ones).
The light bursts through the legs of the gazebo and the furniture within.
If only the big tree on the right wasn’t so old with so many rotten branches otherwise I’d be buildng a tree house in it tomorrow!'”
The golden gazebo! It’s like the fairy world in the True Blood series!
Sorry, I couldn’t resist this.
Friends from Ljujana called in this week and brought some vegan treats! It was a brief moment of like being back at Marigold in London! They have friends who make vegan cheeses and other delights. They brought yoghurt and a mushroom spread. The spread is more like a cream it is deliciously light and yet tasty. If you are in Slovenia look out for it or get it online from Vegansko.
For those of you missing Sanjas presence on this blog as much as I miss her presence here I decided to sneak in a picture I took, a fortnight ago, of her keenly scanning the Barbie section of our local Muller store. She was almost overcome by the choice on offer compared to in Serbia. I refused to buy her one or even lend her cash to do so!