Visitors made welcome and unwelcome!

Sanja is our first official guest! Some friends popped by for a night and we played pool and cutthroat late in to the night. Our killer cat has been hard at work. Zagreb has a new all vegan bakery. See photos below!

What to do when you notice your stock of raw cashews has a bug or two in? Wash them thoroughly and then roast them in the oven with a variety of different flavourings is one option!
Our first official visitor settles quickly in to life at Barabrith
Possibly an Possum? now an ex possum thanx to our deadly feline hunter Matchka, who it must be pointed out is not much bigger than this little creature, was!
A good pool session was played out till 2am the other night, my idea of heaven!
Simple Green (one of the best vegan places in Zagreb) has opened Simple Bake an all vegan bakery, like their restauant its good and inexpensive… hurrah!
I have been using the sewing machine a fair bit of late, firstly sewing up some sporty shorts that had fallen apart. Then turning my attention to the mosquito door net that was falling apart and finally to resizing a new anti flying bug door net for my bedroom door so Sanja can have a view of the garden as she swings in her hammock. Yes indeed! I quite like this pre shave selfie, ….sew happy!
Whiskerless at last! I was brutally bullied by my Belgrade girl until I gave in and she removed my moustache. I feel weakened!