A quickie before the next biggie

The Vegan Belgrade post will take a lot of screentime so here’s a quick catch up on my life at Barabrith.

This is what the wooden house looks like when the sun is shining on it but a storm is coming!
Some evenings we are blessed with some spectacular sunsets coming up the valley.
I dont like Chucho much, it’s not “ours” though it desperately wants to be! but it barks a lot at night most of which I am convinced is unnecessary and keeps me awake. This pose or sleeping position snuggled up against one of our steps is however even I must concede rather cute!
A friend stopped the night and was very good guest. Not only did he deign to lose at pool he helped cut down brambles and even tried his hand at the scythe!
My dastardly plan of infusing myself into the Croatian way of life – so they are less likely to chuck me out when Brexit fucks things up for us escapees – took a leap forward this week when I switched my driving licence. It’s a ten year one so hopefully I can stay that long at least!
This was the view from the bridge over the Korana at the local “beach” this morning. I expected it to be busy, it was later on! I spent the day reading the LRB, swimming and unintentionally getting sunburnt!
Today was a good day, the local postie decided they had enough piled up to make it worth coming out to us and I got two letters and two packages both with highly anticipated books in. Marta sent me Hilary Mantel’s last chapter of the Thomas Cromwell trilogy and Rowan from Verso sent me the latest Wu Ming books inc Altai the follow on to their amazing book “Q”.  Many thanx to both!! Oh goodie hardbacks with big text, where’s my hammock!

2 Replies to “A quickie before the next biggie”

  1. thanx Jen
    that dog lost its friendly status as far as I was concerned long ago!
    Leicesters evil factory owners, indeed! ha ha
    I wonder how Nina is doing?

  2. Vegan tip – don’t call an animal it!
    I don’t care. But judging by fb melt down posts you’ll not encourage vegan paying guests. (And that is what you need?)
    Glad you got parcels through.
    Cool sythe photo!
    Has news about Leicester reached you? I’m sure you’ll be amused. (I’m a bit worried about how racist it may get as I’m sure a certain groups are going to get blamed.)
    How the hell they keep folk in and stop them driving to Nottingham to stand in Primark queues is anyonez guess.

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