Chimney chores

We have two chimneys one from Marko and Sunni’s apartment and one that serves the dining (pool) room and my attic room. The apartments’ chimney was too short and so the smoke would sometimes blow down the chimney. The answer we surmised was to install an extension and so it was up on the steep roof again for yours truly.

The old top was taken down and then the surface smoothed, cleaned and then glued for the chimney plate to be screwed in to.
So shiny, tall and proud!

The other chimney is a wreck. I can’t believe the roofers who did our attic extension last year were so unprofessional as to not mention it and to attach the new metal work to bricks that are flaking away, but hey it is Croatia!

As you can see this chimney needs some serious “pointing” action! The bricks from the middle down on the sunny side are all soft and flaking away. I am going to try to patch it all up with cement in a classic “botch job” style!
Here is a roof top shot of both our chimneys.
A panorama shot from the roof top of “our valley”!

More on this topic tomorrow night, if I dont fall off the roof that is…..!