We ordered in 12 cubic meters of wood and it came in two loads on the back of a tipper truck. The pieces were too large for any of our stoves so we called in the wood cutter who came and sliced it all up in a remarkably short time n the blazing sun and I was grateful I do not have to chop it all up with an axe!

How come when I see an image like this I immediately think “that’d be a good jigsaw”!!

Now the big pile of handy size wooden logs needs stacking away in our wood shed. We delayed this for a few days after the rain storm soaked it but now its pretty dry and so I spent an hour or so this morning dripping with sweat as I threw and then stacked a load of wood. I probably should have seperated the different types of wood _especially the fresh bits of the plum tree we cut down but I liked the look of this image and so carried on…..

Looks like well have enough wood to survive the winter. Its 34 degrees today so thinking about heating during the winter feels a bit wierd!
We have quite a few sunflowers doing well in the er.. sun!
Sunni loves to pick these beautiful edible flowers and fill them with a sweet fruity mix. These ones were a real treat.