Shorting my sirts

This morning was spent mostly asleep thanx to my valiant late night blogging work till the early hours. After a quick toast based breakfast I got down to the task of sorting out the five boxes of shirts and mugs that have been stacked next to the freezer in our ante room between the dining room and the bathroom. There is a damp patch on the wall nearby and I feared the worse for the lower boxes. Two hours of carefull inspection and sorting into relevant piles, those to be washed and those to migrate straight to my room I was left with three boxes of mugs and two and half boxes of shirts!!

Taking over the dining table to sort out my shirts that have been sitting in the ante room.
A box of shirt wrapped mugs to unwrap, two stacks of clean shirts, one small stack of long sleeved shirts and a partly full box of mugs.
Shirts that needed washing drying on temporary lines slung up between my bedrooms’ beams.
More shirts drying on the clothes rack in my room.

I’m now wondering wether or not to copy Vanja’s sock storage system with my t-shirts. She so neatly folds her clothes that she can then stack them in boxes and draws standing side by side. It’s quite remarkable to a dedicated “mess” person like myself but I love that you can see the edge of each item of clothing and extract them without having to lift up the whole pile. Can I maintain such a high level of sartorial storage commitment? Hmmm decisions decisons ….!

The boxes of shirts that do not need washing stacked and waiting to be shelved but how?

I listened to a most amusing Radio 4 Woman’s Hour programme all about the Archers women folk whilst doing this task. It involved the participation of several women who had attended a recent academic conference on the subject and the author of a new book “Gender, Sex and Gossip in Ambridge: Women in the Archers”, I feel that might make a good birthday present come July! That topic was followed by one of chemical pollution in our everyday lives which was also fascinating, tis a shame Jane Garvey has such a bad habit of throwing in such liberal platitudes whenever something truly challenging comes up about her/our lives. I wonder if her kids are on the Student Climate Change marches? Still better her than the ‘Dame’ I guess.