Snow go!

For the last two days Marko and I have braved the wind and the rain on top of the gazebo. All I’m the cause of getting the roof shingles done before winter descends and screws up its chipboard roof. Our progress was pleasingly swift by our own measure given that we are total novices at shingle installation. By nightfall last night we had three of the four sides completed with the hope of finishing the last today in our hearts.

“We could have done this in August”
Clowns at work.

I reluctantly gave in to a call of nature at about 1 am this morning, threw on a shirt and trousers and ventured out into the unheated wooden house’s loo. Stepping through my door I thought the moon must be out in force but looking up realised this was not the case. Looking down revealed a thin blanketof snow vaguely illuminating Barabrith, oh well!

This morning the brave moped riding  postie got me out of bed with a bill from the electricity company and this months London Review of Books which a dear comrade subscribed me to for my first year away from London. Then ignoring my supposed duty to shovel snow – before breakfast? I don’t think so! – I took photos of the first snow of the winter and our gazebo neatly covered in white.  No gazebo work today.!

Who said life isn’t black and white!
Our first taste of snow in winter 2018
The big Apple tree goes white.
A white sheet protects our gazebo?


Snow clinging on to the smallest of twigs.
It’s everywhere!